These are some of the ways I can help you.


Data-driven marketing – If there is one commonality between the marketers I know, it is they are hyperaware of how important it is to leverage data in their customer-centric marketing activities.  Everyone has room for improvement; some need to lay the foundation, while others need to double down their efforts.  They either have limited expertise to set data strategy or they lack the bandwidth to bring it to fruition.  I can help with both.

Media partnerships – Partnering with key media brands, not simply being a client who spends money, is rewarding for both parties.  Media owners want to understand your business more deeply, so they can drive meaningful results (not just clicks!); they are also looking for ways to diversify revenue streams.  I will help your brand to cosy up to the most relevant and impactful media companies.  The shape this takes will be unique, though a few examples include advanced affiliate deals, preferred inventory opportunities and 2nd party data activation.


Commercial strategy – The rules keep changing.  Digital publishers are receiving downward price pressure on advertising, while fighting to keep a sliver of the pie.  They have growing tech costs, while being robbed of inventory by ad blockers.  The list goes on.  It is time to reexamine your options.  I will deliver a fresh assessment of your media brand’s strengths, competitive analysis, ad products (including social, affiliates, branded content, etc.), pricing, packaging and sales channels.  From there, I will build a commercial strategy with a path forward, followed by implementation in collaboration with your team.

Data and programmatic strategy – Publishers are at many different stages of development with their 1st party data and their understanding of how to leverage 2nd and 3rd party data opportunities; frankly, there is always more to do, because data doesn’t stagnate.  When it comes to programmatic trading, if you don’t have an expert in house, you probably can’t afford to lose more ground.  You may opt to address your data and programmatic strategy in conjunction with your overall commercial strategy, because the two are symbiotic; however, there will be situations where a focused project in one area is the priority.

Vendor review and negotiation – The era of ad tech companies and wannabe innovators taking publishers for a ride is coming to an end.  If you want to make sure you aren’t overpaying on tech fees, playing loose with data (both in terms of data leakage and opening yourself up to GDPR penalties) or allowing your inventory to be resold or misrepresented, then it’s time for an ad tech and partner audit.  Who do you trust enough to include in your header, in your ads.txt file and in delivering a smooth experience to your users?  Addressing these questions and renegotiating contracts will serve the dual purpose of protecting you, while making your offering more appealing to buyers with whom you want to work.

Other Businesses

I enjoy working on solutions, collaborating with all kinds of stakeholders and jumping in to help.  I will never claim to be a jack of all trades, though you may find my diverse background an asset to your project.

For Everyone

UI & UX – beautiful, responsive, SEO-optimised, engaging websites by UI Farm.  Full disclosure:  UI Farm is my husband’s brilliant company.  I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t tell you about it.


I specialise in the US and EMEA markets, and my services are available to clients globally.

My Style

Quality and transparency – I like business to be fair and honest, partnerships to be transparent and meaningful, and marketing to be ethical and high quality.  It is to my delight that these topics have come to the forefront of our industry in recent times.

Broad perspective – Many professionals nobly move up the ladder within a discipline and sometimes also within a particular consumer or business category.  That’s not me.  The variety I have experienced within marketing, tech and media has equipped me with a diverse set of skills to draw on–and lots of perspective.

Fun to get the work done – Fun while working is more than banter on a coffee break.  I want to partner with people who value kindness, respect and openness; with these pieces in place, we are poised to share ideas (especially the more creative ones), collaborate effectively and get better results, all while having the best time!